Class 1: Photography Class 1: Origins of Photography

Order of Business:

  1. Brainstorming in small groups: develop as large a list as possible of terms associated with all aspects of photography
  2. As a class we will categorize your suggestions
  3. A look at the structure/goals of this unit (Google Drawing)
  4. Some housekeeping type stuff: how to use the SSD, this blog
  5. Assessment strategies: tasks, assignments, projects, portfolio, exam
  6. Watch the videos below
  7. Discussion: what do you think pinhole cameras/photography can teach us about photography?
  8. The Pinhole Gallery – examples of pinhole work

The Art of Photography: The Camera Obscura

Key terms: reflection, refraction, projection, focal length, how light travels (why images project upside down)

The Art of Photography: The Pinhole Camera

The Pinhole Gallery: a sampling of pinhole photography and other resources


  1. Read The History of Photography entry from Wikipedia. At the beginning of Monday’s class I will administer a short quiz to assess your understanding of this piece. (I will provide a hardcopy)
  2. Bring a cleaned out Pringles can (including lid) or an oats can to class on Monday so we can start building our own cameras.

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