Class 3: Building our Pinhole Cameras

We are using the follow tools and supplies:

  • Pringles can
  • flat black spray paint
  • electrical tape
  • card stock
  • utility knives
  • sewing needle
  • tin foil
  • newspaper to contain the mess
  • paper towels
  • pliers
  • pencils
  • rulers

Depending on the weather, we will divide into teams and some students can work with the spray paint outside (You have to be careful here) while others can work in class preparing their shutters and pinhole mechanisms.

I will be observing several factors here:

  1. How you work in teams – there are not enough supplies for everyone to work independently – how you share time, material, tools and expertise
  2. How you use your time – are you using it effectively?
  3. Working through a series of steps – the instructions are straightforward but there are a few finicky bits.

My observations will contribute to my assessment of learning skills on your November report, and I will provide in person feedback where appropriate.

I will attempt to have the cameras loaded with film for Friday. If the weather is good we can test the cameras out.

Depending on time remaining we will watch some more of The Genius of Photography.


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