Class 4: Pinhole Cameras and WordPress

Prior to completing our cameras we will take some time to set up individual blogs using WordPress (the platform this site is hosted on). WordPress is a very popular blogging and website building tool that comes in multiple formats. If you are interested in hosting web content or having a third party host it for you, you can download WordPress software from and use it to construct blogs and web pages.

We are going to let WordPress host our blogs for us, meaning we do not have to pay anything. It does limit the functionality and the naming options, but still gives us plenty of options.

Step 1 is to direct your browser to (do not go to and do not download anything)

Step 2 is to create a new account using the following characteristics:

  1. The blog address should be in this format: firstnametgj2o,  so for example: timtgj2o (the remainder of the address is
  2. Your user name should be: firstnamelastnameinitial: so for example: timh
  3. Set your own password
  4. Use your RSGC email account as your email so you can recover your password.
  5. Investigate the themes and the dashboard – feel free to pick your own theme (watch out some of them cost money but many good ones are free. You can always change your theme if you start to dislike it.)
  6. Email me the link to your blog (make sure you click “view blog” so can send me the public address).

Today we will finish constructing our pinhole cameras. For most of you that means completing the shutter mechanism and attaching the pinhole. You must READ the instructions carefully. Everything you need to do is in the instructions. Do not ask me. Feel free to consult with your peers though. Once you are done return the camera to me.


Write a short blog post reflecting on the experience constructing your pinhole camera. Describe what you learned or what you think is relevant about the experience. Connect it to the blog post reading I asked you to do earlier on shutters and apertures.

Your post should be about 100 words long and include an appropriate title.

If we have time left we will continue watching the The Genius of Photography.


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