Graphic design / Photography / Photoshop

Class 10: Image File Types, Photography Assignment

Today we will learn about:

  • The two main types of computer graphics: Vector & Bitmap
  • Image file types: EPS, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and others
  • How to choose what image file type is best for the work you are doing

Our first activity:

Using a pencil draw a large flower or part of a flower on graph paper. You are not allowed to use any technique other than filling in the squares (no lines, no curves, etc.)

On the other side of the paper draw a similar flower by plotting dots and then connecting them with lines (curved or straight)

Our second activity:

Each student searches for an image in Google Images, saves it and opens it first in Preview, where I would like you to:

  • Use the zoom tool to zoom in on the image to the level of the individual pixel

Next, open the file in Photoshop CS5, by control-clicking, and selecting “Open with Photoshop CS5”.

  • Using Image–>Image Size what is the:
    • resolution in pixels/inch
    • file size (pixel dimensions) in K or MB
    • Width and height in inches (you might have to change units of measure)

    Assignment: Due October 9, 2012 at 10 pm:Photography Assignment 1

    For the assignment: Below is an example of using the caption feature in a WordPress image:

    Hello world Declan is awesome. But not as awesome as Jeremy Lin.



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