Class 11: More Image File Types, Sizes

Today: Our goals are:

  1. To firmly establish an understanding of the relationship between resolution and file size
  2. Continue working on developing an appropriate artistic sense of photography
  3. Introduce Photoshop

Our first activity:

An overview of Google image search – some interesting features you may not know.

Each student searches for an image in Google Images, saves it and opens it first in Preview, where I would like you to:

  • Use the zoom tool to zoom in on the image to the level of the individual pixel

Next, open the file in Photoshop CS5, by control-clicking, and selecting “Open with Photoshop CS5″.

Using Image–>Image Size what is the:

  • resolution in pixels/inch
  • file size (pixel dimensions) in K or MB
  • Width and height in inches (you might have to change units of measure)

Our second activity:

Individually, or in groups of two, head outside with your camera phones and take two photos each that you consider interesting. Stay near the school. We will share with each other if we have time.

Assignment due Tuesday evening: Do not forget!


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