Photography / Photoshop

Class 12: The Photoshop workspace

Today’s class will begin our formal work with Adobe Photoshop CS5.

To start:

  • Create a folder called Photoshop Unit Images. For the next few classes, whenever I ask you to prepare/find/upload images to work on, save them in this folder.
  • Create a second folder called Working Images. Every time you open an image you plan to work on in Photoshop the first think you must do is Save As, and title the image the same except add (working) to the file name.
  • Unless told otherwise, save your image files as jpegs (jpg).

The Photoshop Workspace

  • The Tool Bar:
    • Access to brushes, selection tools
    • Fly out windows
  • Application Bar
    • Access to Bridge
    • Arrange files
  • Options Bar
    • Context sensitive (changes depending on tool in tool bar you have selected)
    • Brush size, etc.
  • Panels
    • Access to tools and features
    • Have built-in context sensitive menues
    • Can be arranged in different ways, or closed altogether


    Exploring the workspace and the Image Menu: We will look at the different features using one image.

    Activity: Explore the RSGC Gallery and pick 4-5 images. Save them as instructed at the top of the blog post and experiment with image features/options.


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