Photography / Photoshop

Class 15: Photography Unit Test/Photoshop 2: Selection Tools

The first part of class will be taken up by the Photography unit test. The test consists of 10 multiple choice questions evaluating your knowledge, 4 short answer questions evaluating your thinking, and 3 image analysis questions which ask you to apply your understanding of artistic principles to new images. The test will be completed via a Google form. I will distribute paper copies of the photos for the analysis questions.
After the test we will review the work we did with Photoshop brushes. I want to make sure you understand how to affect subtle changes to Photoshop using brushes.

Photoshop Part 2: Selection Tools

To make changes to part of an image you first have to select the part you want to change:

Selection Tools are grouped into 3 categories:

  1. Marquee Tools: Rectangular, Elliptical, Single Row, Single Column
  2. Lasso Tools: Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso
  3. Selection Tools: Quick Selection, Magic Wand

The Crop Tool also allows you to remove portions of an image.


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