Class 16: Photoshop Work Period

In today’s class we are going to have a free-for-all work period using Photoshop. Before we do that, we will quickly review what we know:

  • Photoshop workspace
  • Image Menu changes: mode, contrast, exposure, image size, etc.
  • Brushes
  • Selection Tools

You were asked to collect photos over the weekend. Using these photos you should make meaningful changes to your images and save new versions.

I would like to appoint 2-3 student leaders who feel comfortable in Photoshop to explain concepts as they arise. Most likely this will be layers. Some of you may want to add to your images by selecting pieces from other photos. We will look at this formally later in the week, but since some of you know how to do this, I would like you to share your experience.

Given time, we will share our work, but at a minimum I would like you to email me one original photo and its altered copy by the end of class today.


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