Class 27: Screenplay (III)

I will not be in class today. The substitute teacher will do the following:

  • Distribute paper copies of your submitted screenplays
  • Show episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Lamb to Slaughter
  • After watching the episode your task is to prepare a minimum 250 word blog post reflecting on your screenplay work and the choices made by the those who adopted the story for this television episode. Think about the following:
    • dialogue choices
    • Did they add or take anything away? Why?
    • Shots – length, angles, distance – What would you do differently?
    • An overall assessment of the tv production. What did you like about it and what did you not like? Was this a a successful adaption?
  • Submit the piece as a blog post called “Lamb to Slaughter Adaptation” and post before class ends. It will be graded out of 5.


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