Class 31: Movie Process IV

You had a blog post due last night. Check last class (30) for details. 5 marks.

Today we will work on the following:

  • Complete story development & submit pitch sheet (1 per group)
  • Start work on script/screenplay and storyboarding (every shot must be storyboarded)
  • Do not forget: Shot-by-shot analysis due December 17. If you have not done so, send title and format to me by Sunday at 10 pm.

One of the great emotional moments in cinema – the final scene of Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights (1931).

A blind girl who ekes out a living selling flowers mistakes Chaplin’s tramp character for a millionaire. Charlie does not correct the mistake, and falls in love with her. Desperate to raise the necessary cash to have her eyesight restored, he is successful, but goes to jail in the process. Months later, released and destitute, the tramp encounters the flower girl, her sight restored. Her pity changes to shock as she realizes who he is. The final 10 shots or so continue to be considered some of the finest movie making ever.


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