Class 39: Redesigning the Toronto Transit Map

Today you have one goal: redesign the TTC subway map.

ttc map





I will provide you with a section of bristol board, markers, glue, etc.

You should redesign the TTC map to include or exclude elements you think might be useful to someone visiting Toronto. I am not going to provide you with a list of these elements. Part of your task is to put yourself in the mind of someone who is travelling around Toronto as a newcomer, either as a visitor or as a new resident. The challenge is to design a map that balances usability with accuracy and effectiveness.

If you need some inspiration check out the maps here.

You have the class to work on it. You may use any reference.

Your homework is to write a blog post describing why you designed the map the way you did. Explain each design choice and why you made it. If you borrowed an idea from another city’s transit system map identify the system.

I am going to collect the posters at the end of class, but the blog post is not due until SUNDAY evening at 10 pm. You might want to take a photograph of your map at the end of class.

The blog post will be graded out of 5.


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