Class 40: What is Design?

The first part of the class will be spent working on your redesign of the TTC map.

If you have not written a blog post on your map, describing your design choices, you must do so in class today. Remember to describe what you have drawn and to explain why you made the choices you did. BE DETAILED.

When you have completed the TTC blog post write a second blog post called “What Design Means to Me”. Design is a pretty broad term, and can mean different things to different people. Write what you think it means and provide some examples from life of design – good or bad. Remember – virtually everything you use in life – physical or virtual – is designed.

Your exit from the class is based on showing me the two posts.

If you finish with time left over please start reading The Fable of the User-Centred Designer (pdf). In Wednesday’s class we will explore the idea of user-centred design and talk about this document in detail.


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