Class 41: What is Design? (II)

Today we will continue our investigation of design by asking the question, “What is design?”.

We will begin by sharing some thoughts on what we think design is.

Then we will explore design around us. If you brought your phone to school today, and finally want to whip it out with out getting in trouble, today is the day. We will ask ourselves what we like and do not like about our phones and try to relate these comments to the idea of design.

After that we will check out The Evolution of Cell Phone Design, and maybe a few other “evolution of” sites, in order to take a long term view of design trends. We should ask ourselves if we see anything that surprises us. Has the trajectory of phone design surprised us?

You were asked to read The Fable of the User-Centred Designer. We will identify the three secrets of the user-centred designer and think about how design functions when these rules are or not applied.

The important thing to remember: Design is a process, not an end.


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