Class 47: Design with Intent

Class Agenda:


Today’s Class

We will explore the idea of “Design with Intent“. Design with Intent is a series of cards designed by Dan Lockton, an academic, designer, and design instructor, in the UK. From the introduction to the cards on the Design with Intent web site:

All design influences our behaviour, but as designers we don’t always consciously consider the power this gives us to help people, (and, sometimes, to manipulate them). There’s a huge opportunity for design for behaviour change to address social and environmental issues where people’s behaviour is important, but as yet little in the way of a guide for designers and other stakeholders, bringing together knowledge and examples from different disciplines, and drawing parallels which can allow concepts to be usefully transposed.

designwithintent_cards_1.0_draft_300dpi (a PDF that describes each type of design in detail)

After looking at each “lens”:

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 6.43.02 AM

you will divide into pairs and investigate any part of the school, inside or out, as long as you stay on the property, for an example of design with intent assigned to a specific lens (15 minutes). We will report back to each other on our success.

FOR NEXT TIME: Your infographic is due in electronic form Monday evening at 10 pm. As part of this task, you must complete a blog post that embeds the infographic and explains it.

FOR THURSDAY: You need to complete a blog post called “Film Production Reflection”. To be complete the post must include:

A commentary on the pre and post-production process. How useful was it to plan ahead, in areas where you did not plan what was the experience like, how effective was your planning when it came to actual shooting, what problems did you encounter when filming that you did not predict?

A commentary on the group process. How did your group divide tasks and how effective was the group process? Try to be generous and fair in your commentary.

Assess your final product. Do you think the film is good? Why? Describe the artistic techniques your group used (angles, shots, editing, setting, etc) and why you used them.

Post your final write-up by Wednesday evening at 10 pm.

I will post rubrics for these 2 tasks (infographic & film write-up) by the end of the day today.


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