Presentation Skills / Storytelling

Class 52: Visual Storytelling III

7 students completed the TED activity. Thank you. In the first part of class we will pick one of these TED talks and watch it together, reflecting on how the presenter delivers his material.

The important take away from last class is that presentations, whether they involve technology or not, should tell a story. They should have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  You should engage your audience with what is, and what you think you should be.  A good presentation should call its audience to action. But what about the audience?

From Nancy Duarte’s Resonate:Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences (Wiley, 2010)

  • Not a single body, but many individuals
  • The one thing they have in common is your presentation
  • They all respond to you differently.

How can you get to know your audience? Segment them into different categories.

  • Demographics: age, gender, location, occupation, etc.
  • Research

Exercise: Watch this video of President Ronald Reagan speaking to the American people the day the shuttle Challenger exploded, killing seven astronauts.

If you want to watch it, below the Reagan speech is an ABC new clip that provides some information about the shuttle disaster that happened in January 1986.

Identify the specific audiences President Reagan addresses in this speech. Write a brief blog post describing each audience and what he says to them. Email me the link to your post by 10:30 am.

Moving from Facts to Stories: the BIG IDEA (from Duarte’s Resonate):

The big idea is the central message of your presentation. It is the idea that changes the thinking of your audience, much like a thesis statement in an essay.

3 Parts:

  1. The big idea must articulate your point of view
  2. The big idea must convey what is at stake
  3. The big idea must be a complete sentence

Not Big Ideas:

  1. Lunar Mission
  2. Client Sales Call
  3. Third Quarter Update
  4. RSGC Capital Campaign

Big Ideas:

The United States should lead in space achievement because it holds the key to our future on Earth.

Our software gives your customers access to their records, which saves your employees time and increases your margin by 2 percent.

Third quarter numbers are down; and to stay in the game, every department needs to support the sales initiative.

A successful capital campaign will allow RSGC to enhance its campus and continue to be the school of choice for families in Toronto.

Activity: in preparation for delivering a graded presentation, students will develop their own presentation topic. For Thursday’s class think about a presentation topic that interests you. Write the topic out as a fact (or not a Big Idea), and then rephrase it as a Big Idea. Be prepared to explain how you would research this. The topic should be researchable using a variety of resources (It has to be from your point of view, but it cannot be just based on your opinion). Write it up as a blog post called  “My Presentation Topic”.


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