Presentation Skills / Storytelling

Class 54: Visual Storytelling V

Key points to remember:

  • There are good presentations and bad presentations
  • Good use of technology does not guarantee a good presentation
  • Presentations are like stories with a beginning, a middle, and an end
  • Presentations should be geared to specific audiences
  • Presenters should show an audience where it is at the beginning of the presentation and where it will be at the end
  • Presentations should feature turning points and a call to action
  • Presentations should contain a Big Idea/thesis
  • A presenter needs to focus on eye contact, gestures, non-verbal behaviours, and voice quality when presenting

Characteristics of Good and BAD Slides/Presentations

SpeakingWithPowerPoint09 (PDF) We will review this document and one student will serve as a scribe, making notes on our conversation. What important points can we take from this document?

This short clip offers three basic characteristics of a good slide show:

11 Ways to Use Images Poorly in Slides: one student will serve as scribe and record the 11 ways and any of our responses to the claims made in this blog post.

Anytime left in class may be used for refining presentation topics/researching.


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