Graphic design

Class 63-64: Indesign work in class

We are working on the basics of Adobe Indesign by laying out a couple of pages from The Globe and Mail. I made a rather amateurish video summarizing some of the issues from yesterday:

In Wednesday’s class we will continue with our work and introduce some more features available through the Window menu. Specifically:

  • How panels work (context sensitive menus)
  • Strokes
  • Color, Swatches
  • Links

We will work on inserting images into the Globe and Mail spread. Images have to meet the following requirements:

  • CMYK color mode
  • Actual ppi of 300
  • Effective ppi should be as close to 300 as possible
  • Proportioned correctly

Most of the required changes to images are made in Photoshop. We will review how to do that.

FIND as many photographs are required to replicate the Globe and Mail spread. For the purposes of this exercise your images do not have to reflect reality, but I want you to choose TWO images from the school gallery and then choose images from wherever else you want.

AT THE END OF CLASS: PACKAGE YOUR FILE (I will show you), zip it (right click to do so) and email it to me.

HOMEWORK: Watch this Vsauce video on Comic Sans. There will be a short test Friday to assess your understanding of the content.




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