Graphic design / Typography

Class 65: More Indesign, Working with Type

Some feedback on the Indesign files you sent me at the end of class:

  • JB: Absent
  • LB: 5 overset type errors
  • SB: 1 overset type error
  • BB: 3 missing links, 26 overset type errors
  • JC: 1 missing link, 4 overset type errors
  • MD: not packaged, 4 overset type errors
  • LF: 1 missing link, 1 overset type error
  • SH: 1 overset type error
  • CJ: File not emailed
  • MM: 1 missing link, 2 overset type errors
  • BM: 4 overset type errors
  • DM: no errors
  • NS: no errors
  • MT: File not emailed
  • JVB: not packaged, 2 missing links

Thinking With Type

Thinking with Type is a website and a book by Ellen Lupton that serves as a very useful introduction to typography. It will serve as our text for the next few classes.

Together, will we explore the Letter portion of Thinking with Type. You need to KNOW and be able to IDENTIFY the following terms:

  1. cap height
  2. x-height
  3. baseline
  4. stem
  5. bowl
  6. serif
  7. descender
  8. ligature
  9. finial
  10. ascender
  11. terminal
  12. spine
  13. cross bar
  14. counter
  15. small capital

In a letter you need to be able to identify the:

  1. ascender height
  2. cap height
  3. descender height
  4. X height
  5. baseline
  6. overhang

In class we will work with some different fonts identifying these elements.

HOMEWORK: As an assignment, you are to construct a 1 8 1/2 x 11 inch page narrative resume about yourself, using text and images, in Adobe Indesign. It is due Monday evening by 9 PM as a packaged Indesign file that you compress and email to me.


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