Graphic design / Typography

Class 71: More Typography & Indesign Work

We have a number of tasks to deal with today:

I will give back the type tests. Everyone did well enough, and stumbled on one or two questions only.

We will have a brief discussion of the Comic Sans email – why might the type choice be a good one or a bad one?

You have the rest of class to work on three tasks:

Complete the Brave New World cover. For those of you absent you can get the the spread dimensions from a classmate. You are redesigning the cover at an accurate size with new images and new type. Make it print ready (proper resolution, CMYK). Package, compress and email me the finished product.

Pick an image from the gallery collection of signage from our Friday walk. Download the image and write down some thoughts about it in a blog post called “Typography Walk”. Publish you blog post.

Create a portfolio site for the final portfolio project. Check the SSD for a link to different tools. Think about how you would organize it and what the best fit would be. Part of the evaluation for this activity is how well you organize your portfolio so you want to think about this. Email the link to your portfolio.


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