Exam Outline

The TGJ2O final exam is Wednesday, June 5, 2013, starting at 12:30 in the gym. You are allowed to use any resource available to you on your laptop during the exam. You will have access to the Internet throughout the examination. Please troubleshoot your laptop before the exam. Shut down all applications properly and properly shut down and restart your laptop. Remember to bring your charger. You will not be allowed to listen to music or use headphones during the examination. Once you have completed the examination, I will provide an external USB device so you can upload your work. The examination will include questions on Photoshop, photographic principles & concepts, Indesign, graphic design principles, and film language & grammar. Specifically, you should review and understand the importance of:

  • different types of image files (jpeg, tiff, etc.)
  • resolution
  • color mode
  • f-stop
  • shutter speed
  • aperture
  • exposure (you will not need to calculate anything – just have an understanding of these terms)
  • Use Adobe Bridge to identify image metadata
  • Understand some of your legal rights and limitations as a photographer
  • Understand different Creative Commons licences (you do not need to memorize them but understand the differences between each)
  • Artistic principles of photography: textures, lines, etc.
  • raster vs. vector images
  • How to change image color mode and image size in Photoshop
  • Photoshop: brushes, selection tools, layers, masking
  • film language including editing terms
  • Elements of a screenplay
  • Film story structure: three acts
  • Mise-en-scene (know what this term means)
  • presentations: storytelling structure, turning points, big idea
  • verbal & non-verbal gestures
  • 10-20-30
  • graphic design principles: proximity, white space
  • graphic design: grid system
  • Indesign: tools, menus, panels
  • resizing photos
  • packaging
  • links
  • Thinking with Type concepts (parts of type, baselines, cap height, x-heights, etc.)
  • Kerning, tracking, alignment, line spacing

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