Graphic design

Exam Prep: Indesign

Select 11 photographs from the RSGC Gallery album “Leadership Retreat“. Choose a selection of photos that show a variety of activities and people, and that reflects the tone and quality of the event. Using Photoshop and Indesign, create a 2 page spread that is horizontal and tabloid sized. It must be appropriate for print. Your … Continue reading


Exam Outline

The TGJ2O final exam is Wednesday, June 5, 2013, starting at 12:30 in the gym. You are allowed to use any resource available to you on your laptop during the exam. You will have access to the Internet throughout the examination. Please troubleshoot your laptop before the exam. Shut down all applications properly and properly … Continue reading

Graphic design / Typography

Class 66: Working with Type

We will review the following sections of Thinking With Type: Size Scale Type Classification Type Families NOTE: There will be a test in Monday’s class reviewing this, previous, and Thursday’s content. Activity Create a poster, using 5 different styles of typeface incorporating size, scale, different classes and families of type promoting the Toronto Student Film … Continue reading