Design / Film

Class 48: Film Peer Assessment, More Infographics

Today we will do the following: Watch the 2 video projects submitted: The class will discuss these videos from the perspective of effective storytelling and filmmaking technique.   Infographic work has been challenging. So, we will regroup and do the following: I will demonstrate how to access and use the Opposing Viewpoints database (available here). … Continue reading


Class 36: Mise-en-scene

Mise-en-scene, (“having been put in the scene”) is a term whose origin is in theatrical stage direction. In film, it refers to what appears within the film frame: setting lighting costume acting style “The staging of events before the camera” – what is controllable by the filmmaker. “Transcends realism” Affected by space (depth, or lack … Continue reading


Class 31: Movie Process IV

You had a blog post due last night. Check last class (30) for details. 5 marks. Today we will work on the following: Complete story development & submit pitch sheet (1 per group) Start work on script/screenplay and storyboarding (every shot must be storyboarded) Do not forget: Shot-by-shot analysis due December 17. If you have … Continue reading


Class 30: Movie Process III: Pitches, Story Development, Visualizations

Today we will do the following: Take some time to look at storyboards and pre-visualizations I will distribute a handout called “How to Make a Storyboard: Movie Storyboarding Examples”, by Jennifer Albright. The PDF is available for download on the SSD under class 30. We will watch the following video of a pre-visualization from the … Continue reading