Graphic design

Exam Prep: Indesign

Select 11 photographs from the RSGC Gallery album “Leadership Retreat“. Choose a selection of photos that show a variety of activities and people, and that reflects the tone and quality of the event. Using Photoshop and Indesign, create a 2 page spread that is horizontal and tabloid sized. It must be appropriate for print. Your … Continue reading

Graphic design / Typography

Class 66: Working with Type

We will review the following sections of Thinking With Type: Size Scale Type Classification Type Families NOTE: There will be a test in Monday’s class reviewing this, previous, and Thursday’s content. Activity Create a poster, using 5 different styles of typeface incorporating size, scale, different classes and families of type promoting the Toronto Student Film … Continue reading

Graphic design

Class 58: The Grid System In Graphic Design

Agenda: Video: Graphic Design Tutorial: Designing to a Grid (Ultraman Toronto) Handout: Grid Essentials, from Layout Essentials: 100 Design Principles for Using Grids Opening Adobe Indesign: Preferences, document set-up, measurements, etc. ACTIVITY: As a class, we will open Indesign and explore some preliminary features focusing on document set-up and some general preferences. Once we have … Continue reading