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Graphic design

Class 58: The Grid System In Graphic Design

Agenda: Video: Graphic Design Tutorial: Designing to a Grid (Ultraman Toronto) Handout: Grid Essentials, from Layout Essentials: 100 Design Principles for Using Grids Opening Adobe Indesign: Preferences, document set-up, measurements, etc. ACTIVITY: As a class, we will open Indesign and explore some preliminary features focusing on document set-up and some general preferences. Once we have … Continue reading

Graphic design

Class 57: Graphic Design: Using Space

Today’s class: Reminders: Presentations are due next week Introduction to graphic design: Karen Kavett video Handout: Graphic Design glossary Handout/Discussion/Activity: Using space: white space forms trapped space Grouping: Proximity Separation Exploring Relationships on the page: Activity: Using the elements I provide, layout a tabloid-sized spread anyway you want (as long as it makes sense). Experiment … Continue reading

Presentation Skills / Storytelling

Class 53: Visual Storytelling IV

We will look at the tutorials on presentation skills from Rice University. These tutorials address basic presentation skills: Eye contact Gestures Non-verbal behaviour Voice Quality Language Use Introductions & Conclusions Visual Aids Questions You should review each video (we will not watch all of them in class) and be familiar with the appropriate behaviours. Continue reading